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As a privately owned, industry leading business, Nationwide Windows Ltd acknowledges that ensuring continuity in supply is vital not only to ourselves but also you as a valued customer, which is why the Brexit Impact Team was established internally over 18 months ago to undertake an impact assessment on the business. They have been working to ensure whether we encounter a “Deal or No Deal “scenario that all possible contingencies are in place to best meet supply.

From supply chain through to workforce and data, all areas have been taken into consideration and we continue to take a pro-active approach to prepare pending the outcome.

The majority of our raw materials are “generic “meaning that they are a standard specification and whilst not limited, provided only by a small number of key suppliers. We have been in constant dialogue with all of our supply partners and have assurances from them that stockholding levels have all been increased by as much as 50% in some instances. The Brexit Impact & Compliance team are also working with these suppliers to ensure that they have all the necessary provisions in place for a no deal Brexit to ensure registration is complete to continue trading across the EU. We as a business have also increased our own stockholdings, however please appreciate that we have limited storage space and therefore we are very much reliant on our robust supply chain

Nationwide Windows Ltd works hard to promote its Diversity and with a 28% EU National labour supply, in direct employment with ourselves and meeting the criteria for immediate settled status, employee engagement is key. An easy guide to the EU Settlement Scheme was provided to all our employees over six months ago alongside ongoing updates, visual aids and HR support available to assist with applications and consultations. Our workforce also continues to be trained and cross skilled over key areas to ensure we have relevant cover in place for any unseen eventualities.

From registration with the ICO through to further enhancements in security processes to ensure the safeguard of our data we are confident that we can meet with any EU responsibilities. The business already meets with the GDPR compliance standards, principles, rights and obligations and our IT department are continually enhancing the security of our data.

We still however require assistance and patience from all our customers during any transition period that may occur to ensure we provide the service you have come to expect from Nationwide Windows Ltd. Whilst we believe all possible scenarios have been considered, we are still unsure as to what any outcome, or impact will be on the UK as a whole and therefore it is extremely difficult, nigh impossible, to prepare for every eventuality with such uncertainty surrounding the eventual outcome.

As a valued customer we will require your assistance to minimise any impact on core operations and we would ask that any future projections you have available are provided as soon as possible allowing for additional insight and impact on supply.

We are confident that working together we can ensure a smooth transition.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly:

Kind Regards

Daryl Cashmore (Operations Director)